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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Google - Should You Use Text Or Graphics With Google Adsense? By May Bhisham

Google Adsense provides advertisers and publishers with the
opportunity to place adverts in both text and graphic format.

As advertisers decide to put adsense into their website over
banner advertising, the question still remains. Which is the
best for advertisers and which is the best for publishers?

On one hand advertisers may feel that image adverts are more
responsive yet less likely to stimulate a sale. On the other
hand text adverts may convert more, whilst being less visible to
the consumer.

Text based adverts are considered the least intrusive of the
two formats. However does that mean that Graphic advertising is
better? Consumers are used to graphic advertising from signing
into free email accounts, and from using other web based
services. Through being used to graphic advertising they have
almost programmed their selves to ignore it. Through the adverts
being untargeted, the consumer is used to brand advertising
which they feel is generally less purposeful. This may cause the
consumer to ignore the graphic advert from the assumption that
it will be the same.

Text adverts are not forced upon surfers. Through being less
obvious some people will not see them at all, however those who
do see them, and read them are significantly more likely to
click on them. This is for a number of reasons, but the first is
that they provide more information. Generally, someone who is
reading text on a page is not going to be fully satisfied by
what they read, and if they check adsense adverts they will most
likely read something which will further supplement whatever
their intention is next. With an image advert, it is far more of
a gamble for the surfer.

Graphic advertising is often paid per impression. This is
because the advertiser may be trying to promote their brand,
instead of promoting a specifically useful service. They
therefore are assumed to have worse conversion rates, and with
this text adverts are in the consumers eyes more effective.
However, if the text contained within an advert was placed in
graphic format, which would be the most effective? Well firstly
it can assumed that the surfer will be more likely to view it,
however if their were multiple image adverts appearing next to
each other they may feel overwhelmed.

Graphic adverts are also harder to regulate. Let’s consider
Google allowing adverts to be changed frequently and without
regulation. The advertiser could claim affiliation from the
website they are advertising on, and contain keywords such as
“ipod” which cannot be contained within a text advert. Although
more regulation and quality control could be in place, a
pornographic image for example could be made to appear in an
advertiser’s adverts unknowingly.

Text adverts also have a broader market appeal, as advertisers
don’t generally have the in house resources to create an image
advert, but do have the in house resources to write a text
advert. This could mean that a wider array of advertisers find
text advertising accessible, through text adverts being less
burden on the advertiser, and being easy to change.

Text adverts are also cheaper for the advertiser to create,
where as a graphically designed advert may cost in excess of
$200. Through removing this fixed cost advertisers may be
willing to allot a higher rate to advertising itself; thus
benefiting the advertiser and the publisher.

Text advertising appears to be the preference of the
advertiser. They pay a CTR (click through rate) and only receive
targeted traffic. This removes risks from businesses that
previously had to worry that adverts were not only seen, but
clicked on and stimulating sales. As CPC (Cost Per Click) is
more relevant to text adverts, advertisers are able to gain
exposure without needing a high click through rate to be

The big brands are willing to advertise in both formats however
the broad market appeal of text inevitably makes it the winner.
As flash websites disappear with image adverts, it is becoming
clear that text and information is the preference of the website

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Google Adsense Involves You Running Google Ads on Your Website By Manish Gaur

With internet marketing you always have the ability to make
money at home online while you are sleeping. Obviously there is
a great amount of time and effort required in order to make
money while you sleep, but the possibility is there. One of the
best ways to make money at home online 24/7 is through Google

Google adsense involves you running Google ads on your website
promoting items related to your website. For every person that
clicks on the ad, you make a certain amount of money depending
on the ad. What is important to realize is that there is much
more to it than simply placing Google adsense ads on your

In order to make money at home online you have to provide
content that is worthy of being read. By providing visitors with
fresh enticing content, you will be more likely to generate a
high traffic volume. The more people you have coming to your
website the better your chance is to get Google adsense clicks.

Google ads on your website promoting items related to your
website. For every person that clicks on the ad, you make a
certain amount of money depending on the ad. What is important
to realize is that there is much more to it than simply placing
Google adsense ads on your website.

There are many other ways to generate traffic, but the quality
of content on your website can also help you with getting return
visitors. Once you have some traffic coming in, you need to get
a Google adsense account.

What many people do not realize is that the placement and
format of your ad can have a huge impact on whether or not you
make money at home online. Obviously you want to pick ads that
are related to your site and flow with your content. This will
make it appear less like an ad and more like your own work.
Also, by choosing ads related to your website you are providing
visitors with products that they are interested in and came to
your site looking for.

Another way to adjust the ad to make it look like your own work
is to fixate the color and font of the ad. You should make the
size of the font and style of the font the same as the rest of
the content on your page. For color, it is recommended that you
make it the same color as all of your other clickable links on
your page; usually this is blue.

The best way to make money at home online with Google adsense
is to keep your page clean. Try not to clutter the page with
banners and graphs and multiple images because this takes the
focus away from your content and the ads.

people do not realize that the placement and format of your ad
can have a huge impact on whether or not you make money at home
online. Obviously you want to pick ads that are related to your
site and flow with your content. This will make it appear less
like an ad and more like your own work. Also, by choosing ads
related to your website you are providing visitors with products
that they are interested in and came to your site looking for.

Google adsense is gradually becoming one of the most popular
ways to make money at home online. With the ability to make
money while you are sleeping or on vacation, there's no wonder
why this has reached the magnitude it has today.

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Stop Working For Google And Start Making Google Work For You By Scott Fromherz

You need traffic, and Google can give you traffic. There are
two ways that Google can send traffic to your site: an expensive
way and a free way. I'm going to show you how to make Google
give you traffic for free.

You don't want just any traffic, you want TARGETED traffic. For
those not familiar with the terminology, targeted traffic refers
to clicks to your website from people who are actually
interested in the topic of your site. Your marketing will be
much more effective if your clicks are targeted. Here is an
example of targeted marketing. Imagine a salesman who is trying
to sell dental chairs. He puts together a flyer describing the
great benefits of his particular brand of chair, and he decides
to give the flyers to people. Which group of people do you think
will respond better to his flyer - a group women at a
scrapbooking convention, or a group of dentists at an American
Dental Association meeting? It's a no brainer! But better yet,
what if he went to a seminar called, "How To Start Your First
Dental Practice From Scratch." These guys are already in the
mindset to buy dental chairs. That’s targeted traffic.

When I started my first online business, I went straight to
Google Adwords. This is one of the fastest ways to get targeted
traffic. Basically, you pay Google to have your ad appear on the
right side of the browser. You do this by bidding on keywords.
When someone types your keywords into Google, the ad appears.
Just go to Google and type anything into the search box. If you
look on the right side of the screen, you will see little
three-line ads. You probably didn't even know these were ads.
Not only are they ads, but people are paying every time you
click on those ads. This is the perfect kind of targeted traffic
because people are actually searching for your topic.

So when I started my first Adwords campaign, slowly but surely
I developed a targeted marketing campaign that was sending 40 to
50 visitors to my site. These people were ready to buy what I
was selling. And they did; but at what a price! I was spending
$80 per day in advertising. Way too much! I was only making
about $100 in sales per day, so after subtracting advertising
costs, my net income was only $20 per day. If I could only get
traffic without paying for it, my yearly income would increase
from $7,300.00 per year ($20/day x 365 days) to $36,500 per year
($100/day x 365 days). You’re probably wondering how you get
free targeted traffic - I'm going to tell you in the next few

When I realized how much I was spending on advertising, I
started to research methods of getting free targeted traffic;
often referred to as search engine optimization (SEO)
techniques. If your site appears on the first page of results
for a Google search, then you get free traffic. Not only that,
it is targeted traffic because someone has just typed in the
phrase or keyword related to your site. So how do you get on the
first page? In order to understand this, you need to know a
little about how Google ranks their pages. It all comes down to
one principle: Google wants to provide high quality search
results, so they want to rank relevant links higher than
irrelevant links. One of their methods of determining relevancy
is to count how many other websites are linked to your site.
These are called "back links." The assumption is that, the more
links to your site, the more relevant your site must be.

Armed with this knowledge, I went out and bought some links.
You may not know this, but there are actually companies that
will allow you to buy a link on their web pages. I bought one
link for $20 per month, another for $75 per month. It was much
cheaper than Adwords, but it didn't get me ranked any higher,
and it didn't get me much extra traffic. Two links was just not
enough links to rank me higher on Google. What I needed was a
way to get LOTS of back links. Then I heard about an intriguing
idea: article marketing.

Article marketing is simple. You write an article, you put a
link to your website at the bottom of the article (in the author
information area). Then you post your article to an "article
site." That's it. For every article that you post, you get a
link to your site. And not only that, it's a targeted link
because the content of your article will be related to the
content of your website. It is best to post to as many article
sites as you can. Every time Google sees a new targeted link to
your site, it will rank you a little higher. There are literally
hundreds of article sites and they are all looking for fresh
content. Post your article to as many as you can find. Presto!
Now you have tons of back links. That is article marketing. It's
that simple. And it's free.

At first, I manually posted to about seven article sites. This
was fairly time consuming. I immediately notice a few extra hits
to my site. But in order for article marketing to be cost
effective to me, I needed a way to post to hundreds of article
sites quickly and easily. Then I heard about article submission
software. Basically, this software has a list of article sites
in it and it guides you through the process of mass posting your
article to multiple sites. So I posted the article to about 200
sites. Bam! Now my site is ranked #2 for a certain keyword
combination. This is effective search engine optimization. This
is article marketing.

That's it. Now you know how to make Google work for you. You no
longer have to work for Google by paying for Adwords. Plus you
can contribute a helpful article to the internet and make tons
of money doing it. Put article marketing to work for you today.
Write an article, post it, make a link, and make more money!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What’s Hot In Google Labs – Google Page Creator By Aviva

One of the latest resources from Google is the Google Page

The Google Page Creator is, as you’ve probably guessed, a web
page creator that is still being tested. The Page Creator allows
anyone with a Gmail account to set up their own website.
Currently, one site is allowed per account with up to 100 pages
on that site. Templates are used in order to generate the
overall look and feel of the site and as with all good web page
creators, it includes a page manager and WYSIWYG editor.

Perhaps one interesting point is that in the FAQ section of the
Google Page Creator, it states that Google can crawl the page
within hours of being created. On the other hand, it also states
that no preferential treatment is ever given to sites created by
the Google Page Creator. Those who have struggled to get the
all-important first Google indexed link or, worse still, for the
manual submission service to take effect will know that this is
a contradiction. Getting crawled and potentially indexed by
Google within hours is definitely preferential treatment.

Hosting is provided in the form of a subdomain. You will
receive as your own website. Each
page that is added will be a part of this one site until a time
when Google graduate the Page Creator from Labs into full time

Page Creator is still in the very early stages of production
and testing apparently, so as yet nobody really knows when it
will be published. However because it is essentially in Beta
testing then you can sign up using a Gmail account and leave
feedback regarding any changes or alterations you would like to

Visit the site for more information
or to sign up and try it out.

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Google Endorses Controversial “Get Google Ads Free” Product By Kurt Hagemeister

In April 2007, an ebook product called “Get Google Ads Free”
was released by retired doctor Jon Cohen of New York. The
product detailed a method that Dr. Cohen had developed and used
for the previous 9 years to acquire over $93 million in Google
Adwords ads for free. He used the ads to market products for 16
different companies he created and built up a personal fortune
of over $70 million.

Immediately after the product was released, it created a big
controversy in the Internet Marketing business. People on
various blogs and forums were highly critical of the product,
even calling it a “scam”.

However, after a short few months, people that purchased and
bought the product started to post positive comments in the
forums and blogs, supporting the marketing claims made by Dr.
Cohen. People said that the “secret” of “Get Google Ads Free”
actually lies in an old traditional direct response marketing
strategy with a completely NEW Internet “twist” that no one’s
ever seen.

One of the most well-known internet marketing forums,, had a full-blown, on-line feud going on. The
“Get Google Ads Free” controversy had generated over 230 posts
and 15,000 views in a very short period of time. Eventually, the
moderator at WarriorForum pulled the entire thread since it was
generating “too much” rancorous discussions.

As shocking as it may seem, Google has NO problem with the
course that reveals how anyone can get ads on their search
engine for Free. After all, Google makes most of it’s money from
the sale of both AdWords (PPCs) ads and AdSense (where
webmasters allow Google to show their ads on their pages).

One might think that any information that revealed how an
advertiser could get their AdWords pay-per-clicks free would be
damaging to Google, and therefore Google would not want anyone
finding out about it, right?

WRONG! It seems that the secret system developed by the retired
doctor contains an interesting "twist" that while allowing
advertisers to eliminate their AdWords costs, it does not reduce
a single dollar in AdWords revenue for Google.

In fact, just the opposite! Google actually endorses the "Get
Google Ads Free” ebook.

In order to verify this claim, I contacted the company. Vice
President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Todd Coutrin, responded:

"We started our launch like we always do with any product
online, using Google AdWords to offer our Product.

"We used keywords that contained the word 'free' so we
anticipated the usual HOLD these keywords usually cause when
Google scrutinizes the ads.”

"But when our campaign was paused by Google for a tad more time
than what we regularly anticipate, we became concerned.”

"I actually placed a call directly to Google at 1-866-2-GOOGLE
and spoke at length with a customer services rep who said she'd
check into what was happening.

"She returned my call 16 hours later and informed me that due
to the specific nature of the Product in question (i.e., the
ebook "Get Google Ads Free!") their team at Google secured the
product, read it all the way trough, and then realizing it would
NOT hurt their revenue but actually increase it, they
immediately un-paused and resumed our ads"

So, the fact that Google allowed a product like this to be
advertised on their network is pretty convincing evidence that
it does what it claims.

But, to be thorough, I purchased a copy of “Get Google Ads
Free” to see if it really can enable you to buy millions of
dollars worth of Google ads for free. Due to copyright and
non-disclosure rules, I can’t reveal their proprietary
information. But I can tell you that with the application of
what's inside "Get Google Ads Free", that:

- Google loses NO money
- Google actually can make even more MONEY!
- Advertisers gain an instant almost unfair advantage over
anyone not privy to what's inside "Get Google Ads Free!"
- Advertisers can now afford to outbid their competition.
- Advertisers are not at risk any longer as their advertising
budgets no longer matter.

Overall, this is a very impressive product that is really
revolutionary in the Internet Marketing world. Who can benefit
from buying this product? Basically, anyone who runs an online
business that buys ads and needs web traffic. So, if you sell
your own product or are an affiliate program marketer, this
product could revolutionize your business.

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Marketing. Resources, Reviews,
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Simple Steps to Make Money With Adsense By Alan Lim

Speed is an important factor to succeed when you are looking to
make money with Adsense. This article discusses three specific
ways to achieve the objective.

Have you ever thought of the numerous blogs or smaller web
sites along the web highway which are visited largely by their
respective owners alone? The owners visit their site in the hope
that some miracle would have brought in the Google Adsense
wealth to them. But internet does not create miracles and can
help you make money with Adsense only when you provide the
appropriate inputs and do it with speed. The following tips are
designed to help you understand the importance of speed to make
money with Adsense.

1. Creating new pages

Some people create a web site, check it for functionalities and
then leave it there in the hope that somehow people will find
their site and contribute to revenue. With experience, they will
learn that this is in no way, the right approach. The traffic to
your site is governed by the volume of indexed pages. When
traffic increases, the chances of your ads getting clicked also
go up proportionately.

For example if you are used to a single post a day, try and
make about 6 posts a day, and you will notice the traffic
jumping up several times. It may take a few days of sustained
effort for the pages to be indexed but the change in traffic
will be very visible. This exercise will essentially add
confidence to make money with Adsense. Unless you have personal
expertise, adding fresh content everyday may be an uphill task
for you. But, we shall open the doors to some quick and easy
ways of achieving this objective at affordable prices.

2. Create a few quick blogs

No, we are not talking about creating Splogs. Splogs are
basically Spam blogs and they are not going to take you
anywhere. Google itself is pretty tough on such blogs and to
make money with Adsense, splogging is not the answer. An easy
mechanism to get over this hurdle is to research latest
developments or news in a particular niche and build a blog
around that. An example would be a recent story which can
potentially last for a few months with all its twists and turns.
The purpose of course is to populate your site with the desired

3. How soon are the backlinks created?

The importance of backlinks in search engine rankings cannot be
undermined. The speed with which these backlinks accumulate to
your web site will again influence your success with Google
Adsense and help you make money with Adsense. With plenty of
backlinks to your site, the traffic will grow exponentially. An
automatic benefit from increased traffic is higher page ranks.
Once you reach the first ten in Google search results, your
efforts to make money with Adsense would be rewarded at optimal
levels. Using the web 2.0 tools like Social networking,
podcasting and video marketing can add value to your website and
help you build those much needed backlinks in quick time.

Understanding the above tips and implementing them religiously
will put you on the right track to make money with Adsense.

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How to Make Money With Adsense : Adsense Success Tips and Things to Avoid By Alan Lim

It is too easy for some people to decide that in order to learn
how to make money with adsense, they should cut corners on some
of the rules and common sense assumptions if they want to have
adsense success. This is more likely to get them in trouble with
Google administrators.

There is no doubt the thousands of good webmasters have adsense
success because they have found a good way to learn how to make
money with adsense. By following their lead, you can add your
name to the list of successful entrepreneurs using the Adsense
principles. However, there are some things associated with the
Google program that you should avoid at all costs. These may be
specific to the program, or they may be just common sense
prohibitions. Take the time to know and understand these things
that can destroy your revenue source before you are well

Getting the cart before the horse

Before attempting to place ads or make money with adsense, be
certain that you understand the
concepts and the reasoning behind the actions that you will
take. Newcomers often get so excited about the prospects of a
good work-at-home income that they will leap into the program
and then wonder why the revenues are not as substantial as they
are reputed to be. It is because the program is not being
followed according to the best rules and practices as set out by
Google. Obtaining a good tutorial that will walk you step by
step through the process of identifying potential revenue
sources and place the appropriate ads will mean more profit for
you in the long run.


Don't make the assumption that just because something worked in
another program you have tried that it will work equally well in
your adsense success conquest. It may work quite well, or it may
be a concept that is adaptable for Adsense, but the trick is to
know the difference. You need to understand the big picture
before setting your expectations and assumptions about the
performance of Adsense. Another assumption to avoid is that you
will make a certain amount of money if you follow the program.
Even if you abide by all the good principles, it doesn't
guarantee that you will be set for life financially.

Skating on thin ice

When you set out to learn how to make money with adsense, make
certain that you don't push the limits that are defined by the
Google administrators. You may be tempted to try something
thinking that no one will notice, or that it's only a little bit
questionable. In fact, you are risking your continued
participation in the Adsense program if you step over the line.
Google is willing to work with you and to respond to honest
queries about whether a particular practice or item is
acceptable under Adsense guidelines.

Blatant violations

To make money with adsense, you must apply for and be accepted
as an Adsense publisher by Google administration. This means
that you have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of
the Adsense program. Google--and reputable users of
Adsense--recognize that maintaining the quality of the program
helps advertising and helps with the acceptance of internet
advertising as a legitimate and professional medium for
marketing. You may be forgiven one trespass, but Google is also
under no obligation to allow you to blatantly ignore the
policies and procedures.

About the Author: Learn How To Make Money With Adsense with
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management. Visit the link at
to learn more if you want to earn an income with adsense.